Plastic Bin Kits on Chrome Wire Trolleys




Our Chrome Wire shelving system offers simple to build and stylish storage solution. The chrome wire system is ideal for home and office as well as retail display due to the open wire construction offering excellent light distribution onto the products displayed.
The wire shelving is also suited in kitchens for storing dry food and crockery etc, whilst the excellent ventilation through the system makes it perfect storage for server racks and computer workstations as well as laundry and linen stores. The nickel chrome finish offers bright, clean and modern feel to the shelving, but should only be used in dry areas and should not come into contact with moisture.

These Chrome wire shelving trolleys and bins provide a perfect storage solution for production and assembly environments, where goods need to be moved line side or to the point of use.

There are 5 kit styles in two versions (excluding Kit E), providing single or double sided options using our most popular ‘Rhino Tuff’ picking bins. we can supply all 5 kits in the coloured range of bins whilst kit A to D can come in recycled light grey as well.

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A, B, C, D, E

H x W x D


Plastic Bin Colour

Coloured, Recycled Grey