Magnetic Easy Wipe Location Strips and Markers




Prices Frozen from 2018

Magnetic Location Strips are Available in Blue / Green / Red and Yellow

Please specify on order

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Location Strips, Location Markers

H x W

10mm x 10m, 15mm x 10m, 20mm x 10m, 25mm x 10m, 30mm x 10m, 40mm x 10m, 50mm x 10m, 60mm x 10m, 70mm x 10m, 80mm x 10m, 90mm x 10m, 100mm x 10m, 20 x 80mm, 30 x 80mm, 40 x 80mm, 50 x 80mm, 56 x 105mm, 50 x 150mm, 90 x 210mm