Expo 4 Boltless Shelving

Shelving starter bays from £140.40 plus VAT, Extension Bays from £105.75 plus VAT

Mesh Side Cladding From £12.85 Plus VAT
Mesh Back Cladding From £36.30 Plus VAT
Solid Side Cladding From £21.05 Plus VAT
Solid Back Cladding From £62.85 Plus VAT
Hook In Back Cladding From £108.85 Plus VAT
Additional Shelves From £11.90 Plus VAT

  • Open or clad bays
  • Starter and extension bay format
  • Shelf widths 700, 1000 and 1150mm
  • Shelf depths 300, 400, 500, 600 and 800mm
  • Bay loads up to 3000kgs
  • Come with 6 shelves



Our Expo 4 boltless shelving system is “the system of choice” offering the widest range of sizes and accessories on the market.
The ease of Expo4 installation and simple adjustment comes from the unique friction steel clip which simple connect the robust shelf design to the profiles upright. It now boasts one of the largest selection of modular capacities and sizes, along with an unrivalled range of accessories all finished in a high quality epoxy powder coat paint.
EXPO 4 boltless shelving system offers designers and architects a solution to meeting any design brief, whether it’s a few bays of shelving for the office, a multi-tier or high bay project for the warehouse.

Cladding Available in
Solid Sheet Side Cladding
Mesh Side Cladding
Mesh Back Cladding
Solid Back Cladding
Solid Hook In Back Cladding

Extras Available

Freestanding Dividers
Fixed Height Dividers
Roll Out Drawer
Garment Rail
Tyre Rack
Louvre Back Panel
Lateral Filling Frame
Roll Out Reference Shelf
Roll Out Filing Frame
Cupboard Doors